Babatel - Telecommunications Service Provider Canada

Toronto: (416)848-0134Toll Free: 1-844-BABATEL

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Home Phone Services Canada

  • No Set up/Activation Fee

  • Free calling features

  • No Missed Calls

  • Keep Your Existing Phone Number

  • 7 days Customer Service

$14.95  per month

$9.95per month

Unlimited Canada wide

2 years term

6 Months Free*

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Choose from the three monthly plans to upgrade your Home Phone Service!

Unlimited CAN/ US

+ $ 3
add Mobile free

Unlimited CAN/ US/ Europe

+ $ 5
add Mobile free

Unlimited Global Talk

+ $ 15
add Mobile free

Calling Features included

Call Display
Call Forwarding
Call Waiting

Voice Mail

Caller ID
Call Transfer
Call Block

E 911 Calling Service

No Missed calls
Do not disturb
3 way calling
Failover to mobile