Q. What is HPBX

A private branch exchange (PBX) phone system that's delivered as a hosted service, typically by other telephone companies It can free companies from having to invest in the costly equipment of business phone system, while still enabling the company to utilize telephone features.

Q. Does Business Phone line plans include Long Distance call?

Yes, all plans include long distance calls within Canada and one plan includes calling to Canada and USA.

Q. Does Business Phone line support 911 emergency service?

Yes, Business Phone lines use E911 service instead of traditional 911 emergency service with certain limitations.

Q. What are the main features of Business Phone line?

The main features of Business Phone lines are Auto Attendant, Visual Voice Mail and Call Recording.

Q. Do I need any special equipment for my Business Phone digital service?

Since Babatel Business Phone is using VOIP service, you need to have Phone devices that operate with Internet.

Q. Do I need to have Internet to have Business Phone line?

Yes, Babatel Business Phone is using VOIP service. You need to have a broadband Internet connection such as Cable or Fiber

Q. Can I add toll-free numbers to my business phone plan?

Yes, you can add Toll Free numbers to your Business Phone plan.

Q. Can I forward calls from my business line number to any cell or landline number?

Yes, you can forward calls from business line number to any cell phone or landline number.

Q. How many extensions can my business phone line have?

Depending on your business type and size you can have up to 50 Business Phone lines.

Q. Can I keep my existing Business phone number?

Yes, we can port in your existing business phone number free of charge

Q. What is a Babatel Business phone line?

A Business Phone line is a digital phone line that can be expanded based on your business needs and size.

Q. How does Babatel Mobile APP phone service work?

  1. Mobile APP is utilizing VoIP call using internet protocol and Call through without internet. You have the flexibility to dial out to a long distance number using the app with or without internet.

Q. Why do I need Mobile APP to use Long distance service?

  1. There are 2 important reasons: One, your mobile air time or roaming is not used. Secondly, it is easy to dial through your Mobile App contact list number.

Q. Is there a monthly fee with using Babatel Mobile APP?

  1. While using the APP is free, your account must have credit in order to be able to make long distance call.

Q. How can I download Babatel Mobile App?

  1. You can download Babatel Mobile App:
  • Download Using the QR code (from Babatel.ca website)
  • Download using App Store (from Google and Android Devices)
  • Download using Apple Store (from Apple Devices)

Q. How can I make call from Mobile APP using internet?

  1. You can call with Data or Wi-Fi on: Call your destination number followed by the pound key

Q. How can I make call from Mobile APP without internet?

  • With Data or Wi-Fi off: Call your destination number followed by the pound key
  • Call your destination number followed by the pound key
  • Pop up message will appear on screen
  • GSM Call
  • Call Through
  • Copy Number
Select Call through

Q. What are Mobile APP features?

  1. Add phone number, Recharge account, Recharge history and access numbers

Q. How can I get my account credentials like Password and PIN?

A.            Call customer support 7 Days a week

Q. What is Direct Dial?

Direct Dial is a unique prepaid long distance service, brought to you by one of Canada’'s leading telecom providers BABATEL. With the Direct Dial, you no longer need to enter in PIN numbers or passwords before using your prepaid calling service. Your prepaid account info is all traceable & rechargeable online. Your existing number used with us, will be a reference identifier for your registered Direct Dial account. You do not need to switch providers or cancel any existing phone services you use. Use Direct Dial when you need it, anytime anywhere!

Q. How do I use Direct Dial Long Distance Service?

A. Your Phone number must be registered prior to use this service. B. Dial the local access number in your City C. Listen to your account balance. D. Dial your long distance phone number followed by the # key a. For Canada, USA and Caribbean dial: area code + phone number + # b. For other international countries 011 + country code + phone number + # c. Tip: Pound (#) key will help to connect faster. d. Tip: To disconnect or make another call press ## e. Tip: To redial last number dialed press *#

Q. How Direct Dial is different from other long distance service providers and calling cards?

Direct Dial provides the best quality long distance service for long distance users. Direct Dial simply allows you to stop paying the high long distance rates, bounded with contract, service fees and network fees charged by the cellular or local long distance service providers. On the other hand, calling card offers the cheapest unrealistic rates by charging connection fee, service fee, maintenance fee, per call fee and close expiration. However, with Direct Dial your account will never expire, no contract to sign, no set up fees, no monthly fees or hidden charges. Simply charges minute by minute.

Q. How do I use Direct Dial account from block caller ID, Toll free number and non-registered phone?

Dial the local access number in your city or the Toll free number. Enter your 14 digit pin (account) number (10 digit registered phone number + 4 digit ID code).

Q. How do I set up my Account?

You can sign up on the web site at www.babatel.ca, or call our customer service at 416-848-0130.

Q. I forgot my login password?

Call customer service or send an e-mail along with your registered phone number to csr@babatel.ca.

Q. What is Pin “account”” number?

A Pin “"account"”” number is your 10 digit main registered phone number + 4 digit ID code provided by Agent. You can use your pin “"account"” number to access your Direct Dial account from a non-registered phone.

Q. Can I register two or more telephone numbers under one account?

Yes, please send us an email, call our customer service, sign up on web at www.babatel.ca or visit an agent to add more phone numbers to your account.

Q. Do I have to cancel any existing services before my Direct Dial account is activated?

No, since you dial to our local access number, this service becomes totally apart from your long distance service provider. Once you dialed our local access number, our system recognizes your phone number and validates your account for making a long distance call.

Q. Does my Direct Dial account balance ever expire?

No, an active account will never expire.

Q. Can I use my Direct Dial account from outside GTA (Greater Toronto Area)?

Yes, you can. Please check the local access number listings.

Q. Why some countries cellular phone rates are very high?

Cellular phone rates are set by the country's local cellular phone service providers.

Q. How do I recharge my Direct Dial account online?

You can purchase Direct Dial voucher online from www.phonecardsplus.ca

Q. Do I get a bill at the end of the month?

Since Direct Dial is a prepaid service, you won't receive any bill. However, you can view your account balance and call details online on our website 24/7.

Q. Can I use your service from my cellular phone?

Absolutely, you can use our service from your cellular phone. You will still be charged your usual air time and roaming charges by your service provider as per individual plan.

Q. What happens if the Internet or power goes out?

In case of power or internet outage, your auto attendant and Voicemail will still function and record Voicemails or provide information to your customers.

Q. Is Home Phone service compatible with home alarm security systems?

The Home Phone service may not be compatible with home security systems. You may be required to maintain a telephone connection through your local exchange carrier in order to use any alarm monitoring functions for any security system installed in your home or business. You should contact the alarm monitoring company to test the compatibility of any alarm monitoring or security system with your Home Phone service.

Q. What should I do if my Adaptor is lost, stolen or damaged?

Notify Babatel immediately by calling to customer service. However, you will be responsible for all charges to your account until you settle your service account.

Q. Will 911 calling service be available if power or internet is not working?

Due to E 911 service limitations, your E 911 service will not function in the event of a power or broadband internet outage, or in the event your broadband internet service is suspended or terminated. You should be prepared and have alternative phones for emergency 911 service calls. Please see www.babatel.ca website for more details.

Q. In the event of an emergency, can I call 911 from Babatel Home Phone?

Yes, your 911 call is directed to (E 911) services that is similar to traditional 911 services but has some important differences and limitations. Your 911 call is directed to (E 911) services to the nearest emergency response Centre. In addition, your phone caller ID and address are visible to the emergency response Centre operator. The call Centre operator will confirm your location information and then transfer your E-911 call to the emergency response Centre nearest you. You should be prepared to confirm your address and call-back number with the operator. You are advised to update your change of address or new location information with Babatel online or by calling customer service for any address change. You are required to provide your Canadian address only. When you move outside Canada, please inform us so we can disable your E911 service for none Canadian address.

Q. Do the people I call need a computer and internet to receive calls?

No. You can use Babatel phone to call to any landline or mobile.

Q. Do I need a computer to use Babatel phone?

No. All you need is a Babatel phone adaptor, high-speed Internet connection and a touchtone phone.

Q. What will happen if power or internet is not working?

If power or internet is not working, your Home Phone will also not work. In this case you can set up to forward your Babatel Home Phone calls to a secondary telephone number (mobile or work phone number). When the call comes, it will be transferred to your mobile or work number. Once power and internet returns, the calls will be connected to your Babatel Home Phone.

Q. Does Babatel Home Phone work the same as regular Home phone service?

• Yes. Babatel Home Phone works the same as a traditional phone service, with more features and much lower cost. With Babatel Home Phone, your phone calls are sent over the Internet, instead of phone lines. • You can use your phone the same way as regular phone line, the sound quality is excellent and your phone rings normal, you can call anyone and anyone can call you.

Q. Can I cancel my service if I am not interested in Babatel Home Phone Service?

Yes, you can cancel within 7 days of activation. You must return the Babatel Adaptor with full package and with no visible sign of damage in order to receive your security deposit if applicable.

Q. Can I move or travel with my Babatel Home Phone?

Yes! As long as there's broadband, you can use your Babatel Home Phone service. Just take your Babatel adaptor (and handset if necessary) with you, plug your phone and adaptor into the modem / router at the other end. You will receive your calls as you are staying in Canada

Q. How can I use Babatel Home Phone all over my house?

• Use a cordless phone system that comes with a base unit and extra handsets. The base station plugs directly into the phone adaptor and multiple handsets can be placed anywhere in the house. • Get a multiple jack extension connector and connect it to the phone adaptor to allow multiple phones on a single Babatel line.

Q. How can I set up Babatel Home Phone?

Follow the 4 easy steps to set up Babatel Home Phone: a. Connect Internet cable to internet port b. Connect phone line to the phone port c. Connect power adaptor to power outlet d. Wait 5 minutes then start making calls

Q. How can I receive the Free 3 Months promotional offer?

You can receive the Free 3 Months promotional offer when you prepay for six months Home Phone service in advance.

Q. What do I need to start using Babatel Home Phone?

You need a regular landline phone, a broadband connection and a Babatel adaptor. To place your order we require a credit card, email address and your full address.

Q. What if I want a new phone number?

When you place your order, we will provide you a new phone number with Babatel Adaptor upon confirmation of your purchase. You can start using the service as soon as your adaptor arrives.

Q. Can I keep my original phone number?

Yes. It takes up to 15 working days to transfer your original number to Babatel. (This is called 'porting'.) When you sign up, you'll be assigned a telephone number by Babatel until we successfully port in your existing phone number. You can use this number to start making and receiving calls straight away. When the transfer is complete, your original number will permanently replace the Babatel phone number.

Q. What is the difference between traditional PSTN phone lines and Home Phone (Voip) Phone?

• Home Phone uses the technology of voice over IP and requires Broadband internet. • Whereas, the main chore of the Media PSTN Gateway, the digital media streams are linked together to transfer the voice media as well as the data.

Q. What is the difference between Call Failover and call forwarding?

• Never miss a call, gives the option to transfer a call from a Babatel Home Phone to an alternate phone (mobile) in the event that there is power or broadband internet outage, or in the event that broadband internet service is suspended or terminated. By transferring calls to your mobile you may be charged air time, roaming or long distance by your mobile service provider. • Call forwarding feature can be utilized to transfer call from a Home Phone to an alternate phone (mobile) after 40 seconds of ring time and in the event that there is no response. By forwarding calls to your mobile you may be charged air time, roaming or long distance by your mobile service provider.

Q. How can I enable and check my voice mail messages?

• Voice mail service can be enabled by login to your online account portal or by calling customer service. • To check voice mail messages from your Home Phone dial *98#, then select option 1 to start listening to your voice mail messages.

Q. What are the features of Home Phone?

The Home Phone service offers a wide range of features such as voicemail, Caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding and more.

Q. What is Babatel Home Phone?

Home Phone is a full-featured IP phone service for residential customers to make local and long-distance calls.

Q. What is Top Up International?

Top up International is the best way to send money to certain International Cell phones account abroad. The credit can be used by the account holder to pay monthly fee, long distance calls as per the service provider agreement.

Q. What is the benefit of purchasing Top up International credit?

You can easily support your loved one expense and make contribution into their account. It’s easy and convenient.

Q. Is there refund if it sent to wrong account number mistakenly?

There will be no refund once the money is sent to any given account number.

Q. Does the Top up International credit ever expire?

No, Top up International credit does not expire. But there are certain promotions that may expire if it is not used in certain period.

Q. Does the credit value of Top up International change?

Yes, it is related to exchange rate from the country to the country exchange rates.

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