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1.  What is Direct Dial?

Direct Dial is a unique prepaid long distance service, brought to you by one of Canada’'s leading telecom providers BABATEL. With the Direct Dial, you no longer need to enter in PIN numbers or passwords before using your prepaid calling service. Your prepaid account info is all traceable & rechargeable online. Your existing number used with us, will be a reference identifier for your registered Direct Dial account.

You do not need to switch providers or cancel any existing phone services you use. Use Direct Dial when you need it, anytime anywhere!

2.  How do I use Direct Dial Long Distance Service?

A. Your Phone number must be registered prior to use this service.
B. Dial the local access number in your City
C. Listen to your account balance.
D. Dial your long distance phone number followed by the # key
a. For Canada, USA and Caribbean dial: area code + phone number + #
b. For other international countries 011 + country code + phone number + #
c. Tip: Pound (#) key will help to connect faster.
d. Tip: To disconnect or make another call press ##
e. Tip: To redial last number dialed press *#

3.  How Direct Dial is different from other long distance service providers and calling cards?

Direct Dial provides the best quality long distance service for long distance users. Direct Dial simply allows you to stop paying the high long distance rates, bounded with contract, service fees and network fees charged by the cellular or local long distance service providers. On the other hand, calling card offers the cheapest unrealistic rates by charging connection fee, service fee, maintenance fee, per call fee and close expiration.

However, with Direct Dial your account will never expire, no contract to sign, no set up fees, no monthly fees or hidden charges. Simply charges minute by minute.

4.  How do I use Direct Dial account from block caller ID, Toll free number and non-registered phone?

Dial the local access number in your city or the Toll free number. Enter your 14 digit pin (account) number (10 digit registered phone number + 4 digit ID code).

5.  How do I set up my Account?

You can sign up on the web site at, or call our customer service at 416-848-0130.

6.  I forgot my login password?

Call customer service or send an e-mail along with your registered phone number to

7.  What is Pin "account"” number?

A Pin “"account"”” number is your 10 digit main registered phone number + 4 digit ID code provided by Agent. You can use your pin “"account"” number to access your Direct Dial account from a non-registered phone.

8.  Can I register two or more telephone numbers under one account?

Yes, please send us an email, call our customer service, sign up on web at or visit an agent to add more phone numbers to your account.

9.  What is speed dial and how does it work with Direct Dial?

Speed Dial is a function that stores your phone numbers in its memory by assigning special number(s). To set up your speed dial numbers with Direct Dial, You need to login to your account at and select Speed Dial from the Module Menu. For further information please contact customer service.

10.   Do I have to cancel any existing services before my Direct Dial account is activated?

No, since you dial to our local access number, this service becomes totally apart from your long distance service provider. Once you dialed our local access number, our system recognizes your phone number and validates your account for making a long distance call.

11.   Does my Direct Dial account balance ever expire?

No, an active account will never expire.

12.   Can I use my Direct Dial account from outside GTA (Greater Toronto Area)?

Yes, you can. Please check the local access number listings.

13.   Why some countries cellular phone rates are very high?

Cellular phone rates are set by the country's local cellular phone service providers.

14.   How do I recharge my Direct Dial account online?

You can purchase Direct Dial voucher online from

15.   Do I get a bill at the end of the month?

Since Direct Dial is a prepaid service, you won't receive any bill. However, you can view your account balance and call details online on our website 24/7.

16.   Can I use your service from my cellular phone?

Absolutely, you can use our service from your cellular phone. You will still be charged your usual air time and roaming charges by your service provider as per individual plan.

17.   Are there any charges such as monthly fee, connection fee, maintenance fee or minimum charges?

No, You pay only for minutes you use.