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FAQ for Business Phone Lines

1.  What is a Babatel Business phone line?    

A Business Phone line is a digital phone line that can be expanded based on your business needs and size.

2.  Can I keep my existing Business phone number? 

Yes, we can port in your existing business phone number free of charge   

3.  How many extensions can my business phone line have? 

Depending on your business type and size you can have up to 50 Business Phone lines.

4.  Can I forward calls from my business line number to any cell or landline number? 

Yes, you can forward calls from business line number to any cell phone or landline number.

5.  Can I add toll-free numbers to my business phone plan?

Yes, you can add Toll Free numbers to your Business Phone plan.

6.  Do I need to have Internet to have Business Phone line?

Yes, Babatel Business Phone is using VOIP service. You need to have a broadband Internet connection such as Cable or Fiber

7.  Do I need any special equipment for my Business Phone digital service?

Since Babatel Business Phone is using VOIP service, you need to have Phone devices that operate with Internet.

8.  What are the main features of Business Phone line?

The main features of Business Phone lines are Auto Attendant, Visual Voice Mail and Call Recording.

9.  Does Business Phone line support 911 emergency service?

Yes, Business Phone lines use E911 service instead of traditional 911 emergency service with certain limitations.

10.   Does Business Phone line plans include Long Distance call?

Yes, all plans include long distance calls within Canada and one plan includes calling to Canada and USA.

11.   What is HPBX

A private branch exchange (PBX) phone system that's delivered as a hosted service, typically by other telephone companies It can free companies from having to invest in the costly equipment of business phone system, while still enabling the company to utilize telephone features.

12.   What happens if the Internet or power goes out?

In case of power or internet outage, your auto attendant and Voicemail will still function and record Voicemails or provide information to your customers.