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Direct Dial (Long distance Calling)

Direct Dial is a unique prepaid long-distance service

  • No Expiry

  • No Hidden charges

  • No Contract

  • No PIN Required

  • No Monthly Fee

  • No Connection Fee

  • Free One Touch long distance calling

  • Free long distance Speed dialing

  • Live Customer Service 7 Days a week

  • Use it from Home, Mobile or Business

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Direct Dial is a unique prepaid long-distance service, brought to you by one of Canada's leading telecom service providers, Babatel. With the Direct Dial service, you no longer need to enter in PIN numbers or passwords before using your prepaid calling service.

Direct Dial will recognize any existing number you currently use, as an account identifier. You do not need to switch providers or cancel any existing phone services you use. Once your existing phone number of your choice is registered with us, simply dial the local access number of your city, from our Access Number List. Then enter your long distance destination number and talk away!