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Toronto: (416)848-0134Toll Free: 1-844-BABATEL

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Business Phone Services

Keep your Business Phone Lines Connected

Babatel Business Phone Lines

Whether you are a Small, Medium or Entreprise Business Babatel can provide service up to 50 Digital lines,


   Call 1-416- 848-0134  

   Toll Free: 1-844- 222-2835   

Business-phone PHONE SYSTEM

Digital Small Business

$24.95discount rate
Now $14.95 /month

Digital Premium
Hosted PBX

$29.95discount rate
Now $19.95 /month

Digital Enterprise
Hosted PBX

$35.95discount rate
Now $24.95 /month

Long Distance

Competitive rates while Great value for your Business

Toll Free

An easy tool for customers and suppliers to reach you

Auto Attendant

Allows caller to be automatically Directed without the intervention of an operator