Babatel - Telecommunications Service Provider Canada

Toronto: (416)848-0134Toll Free: 1-844-BABATEL

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BABATEL Payment Options:





credit card


online & by phone


1) Online Instant Recharge

You can recharge your Direct Dial account online using a Credit Card
a- Login to your Direct Dial account
b- Select Recharge Account option from Module Menu
c- Enter an amount you wish to recharge (instantly)

2) Recharge By Credit Card over the phone

To recharge your account over the phone have your Visa or Master Card ready and call Customer Service 416-848-0130
Pre authorized by Credit Card
To Pre authorize your account have your Visa or Master Card Ready and Call Customer Service 416-848-0130
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3) Payment Through Bank

Payment Through Bank is a safe, secure and convenient way of making Payments by using the online banking and telephone
banking. We accept Payments through all major banks.
To Setup Babatel as Payee
A- Login to your bank account
B- Select Pay Bills
C- Add Babatel as a Payee
D- Enter your Number (Direct Dial 10 digit Registered Phone #)
To Make a Payment
E- Select Babatel as a Payee
F- Enter the amount you wish to recharge.
G- Account will be updated by next business day.

Please Select your bank below to proceed
Receive10% Bonus on payment (Min $5)from July 14th to July 20th, 2017

4) Online Purchase - Instant PIN

You can purchase Direct Dial prepaid voucher online at

5) Retail Store Locations

You can purchase Direct Dial prepaid voucher from Long Distance Phone Cards stores