Babatel - Telecommunications Service Provider Canada

Toronto: (416)848-0134Toll Free: 1-844-BABATEL

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Home Phone Plans Detail

Plan Names Premium Plan US Plan Europe Plan Global Talk Plan
Special Rate $12.95/month $15.95/month $17.95/month $27.95/month
Coverage Unlimited* Canada
Unlimited* Canada, US
Unlimited* Canada
US/ Europe
No Set Up/Activation Fee    ($45 Value)
6 Months Free*
Unlimited local calling
Canada long distance
US long distance: Add ($3)  
Europe long distance: Add ($5)    
International long    distance:     Add ($15)      
E 911 Calling Service
Free Calling Features:
Unlimited Home phone to    Home Phone calling
Call Forwarding
Voice Mail
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Call Transfer
Call Block
Online Account Details
Failover to mobile feature
Other costs:
Shipping (If mailed within Canada) no     charge if self pick up $11.95
*Pay first 18 months and get 6 months free
Unlimited calling plans do not include calls to the 1867 area code and to Alaska and Hawaii